Trade Kerryon and John Brown after big week?

Hey Footclan?

Would you trade away Kerryon + John Brown + Cooper (off the Cowboys trade news) to get Dalvin Cook + Odell Beckham? I’m hoping to sell off high on Kerryon and John Brown and Cooper high off the news of moving to Dallas.

My team is (excluding above):
Mixon, Sony, Chubb, LeSean, Drake
Antonio Brown, Doug Baldwin, Geronimo Allison


Any help here footclan?

I’m torn on this.

I don’t like obtaining Cook in this trade. His injury just seems fishy to me. Full health one day and boom inactive the next. Kerryon is way more valuable than Cook IMO. However, you could really use OBJ and I think he goes off tonight (making this trade harder to pull). With that being said, I would much rather trade Drake off his big game and keep Kerryon. If you can swap Drake and Kerryon do this in a heart beat. If you can’t I think I still do it (since you have mixon, sony and chubb still) and hope Drake wakes up. The WR help is much needed and OBJ could do that.

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Yea, totally get the logic behind your argument! Only thing is that the trade has to be a “win” for the other person since the league is fairly trade averse and no-one in my league really likes Drake, so he is basically the “if-needed” bye week filler for me. I am going to see if it can get through and see what happens.

I would keep those guys, Kerryon might be a league winner. Finally getting touches and showing why he deserves them. John Brown has had a couple down weeks but he is someone I like for a flex option.

I dont think Cook is going to come back all hot, you’re buying low and I get that but I like Kerryon more. Cooper and Brown are worth more than a single WR IMO.

I get it cause you have AB and Baldwin so you’d be set with OBJ but then you really dont have any roster decsions week to week.

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I’ll sit on it, agree that Brown is hot not sure he can keep that or not. Cooper is trash in my opinion really. Not sure if he will have any chemistry with Dak or not, but possibly.

Or as other Cooper trades have been told, trade Cooper to a Dallas fan or someone who is super optimistic. You might be right and if he doesnt have a big week that you can move him off of hype then you’re stuck with him.

I just think Kerryon is a guy to hold. If you could upgrade at WR by trading the other two then I would encourage it. OBJ is kind of over priced because of his name and you could get someone thats scoring nearly as much for a lot less

Well - that person is likely John Brown :smiley: Might not have the same upside, but average pretty much in line right now.

If i was an OBJ owner i would be annoyed and probably give you him for cooper and brown lol