Trade: Kerryon Johnson for M. Ingram

Was offered in trade Mark Ingram for my Kerryon Johnson, I like it, but I have held on to KJ this long. Should I cash in and upgrade or is his future brighter?

I think Kerryon will be more consistent. But you might get the higher upside with Ingram. If your teams needs the upside then take the risk.

But you’ll probably get weeks where Ingram doesn’t score and it hurts you

I agree with @Smoothyprice. Another thing to consider is a potential downgrade in Det’s overall offense without Tate. RBs tend to fluctuate with the overall offensive power of the team, with a few exceptions (Saquon), but with that being said, they may look to dump off to him more. Ingram hasn’t impressed all that much, Blount just got 4 opportunities in the last game (targets + carries) compared to 16 for Kerryon, so the point has finally come for Kerryon to completely take over it looks like. I would stay away personally, but there are things to consider.

I’m a kerryon owner and feel like he is safe. This week when Detroit was behind he was the guy like you said to get those dump offs. I would try to get David Johnson instead of Ingram. Maybe add someone else from your team. I like trading away qbs maybe a brees/Wilson to pair. But all that to say stay with kerryon unless you can upgrade