Trade L Murray/Crowder for Diontae Johnson/Mattison?

My league is 2RB, 3WR, and Flex. My RB’s are CEH, Drake, Conner, Singletary, and C. Thompson. My WR’s are Robinson, Woods, AJ Green and Gallup.

He has Kamara.

Who I really want is Diontae Johnson. I may drop Mattison for another possible week 1 breakout WR.

Good trade? Or am I giving up too much potential in Murray?


I mean if you want Diontae that badly it’s not a terrible trade but I really only want Mattison if I have Cook. I would try to get someone other than Mattison as the second guy. But really this isn’t terrible Johnson could be beastly one the offense with Roethlesburger

I’m on the Crowder side. Depends if PPR or not too, but I’d rather have Crowder for consistency over Johnson who is not so predictable right now. You already have a big boom/bust player in AJ Green so I would want the sure thing in Crowder. I also value Murray over Mattison since Murray has standalone value and is playable but Mattison is not.