Trade Lamar for Mixon

I have Lamar and Brady for QB,
Saquan, Miles, Henry, and Sony for RB,
Juju, Evans, J Gordon, J Brown, and DK for WR,
Vance and Waller for TE
Dude offering Mixon for Lamar

I think you should be able to get WAY more for Lamar.

That’s what I’m thinking. I feel like I’m on the losing side of this

Whats his roster look like?

QB Newton,
RB CMC, Mack, Ekeler, Mixon, Melvin Gordon,
WR TY, Crowder, AJ Green , G Tate, Fuller
TE Njoku, Reed

Reason I’m thinking about doing it is because I can now trade a RB for a WR. Only team I can trade Brady or Lamar with is this dude. Figure I then package some RBs for a good WR. Lots of teams shaky with RBs right now in this league