Trade Lamar Jackson?

I have Mahomes and Jackson on my squad. With Jackson’s value at an all time high, do I try to trade him away or do I keep him on bench for the season preventing others from having him?

I’m feeling good about the rest of my team at the moment, but am open to a deal but not actively pursuing.

RBs: Kamara, David Montgomery, Michel
WRs: AB, John Ross, Gallup, Robby Anderson

Trade him, preventing others from having him is very limited value to you. You would play that team once, and play other teams without Jackson every other game of the year.

Also your WR core isn’t great, I’d strongly try to upgrade it:
AB: now two sexual assault/harassment allegations. Don’t want a debate on their merits, but he’s a serious risk for Commissioner’s exempt list.
John Ross: No one knows what happens when AJ Green is back.
Gallup: Out a month
Robby Anderson: Could be useless until Darnold is back, has like the hardest WR schedule in the league regarding facing shutdown corners.


I agree with Dan12456 no one will want Gallup or Anderson right now, I suggest you trade L. Jackson+John Ross (taking advantage of his high value right now before A. Green comes back) for an elite WR and try to check your waivers for someone like N. Agholor (with Djax and A. Jeffrey set to maybe lose sometime), T. McLaurin (Case Keenum top target) or J. Brown.

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Exactly what @dan12456 said.

I mean this is the nicest way possible but if I have your WR group I’m freaking out and in no way am I comfortable. I won’t go into detail as @dan12456 said all the things I will say. But if I’m you I’m looking add a stud WR immediately.

My thoughts: Trade Lamar Jackson for a stud WR. Then trade Ross + Montgomery for an upgrade at RB and hope AB can carry you until either Darnold or Gallup come back.

Definitely depends on what you can get for him, but if it’s anything remotely close to a WR1, do it.

Yes trade him now as maholmes is one of the very few qbs I’d rather have over jackson right now

Most of my league is stingy with offers. I have an offer for Jarvis Landry for Lamar Jackson. I feel this is not an adequate trade. Am I wrong to think so?

Another option may be Emmanuel Sanders straight up. I’d definitely do it for TY Hilton which I’m trying to swing at the moment.

Piggybacking off this thread. I have Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen, but I think I could use Jackson to bolster the RB1 slot in my PPR league (currently rostering K Johnson, D Montgomery, D Singletary, M Breida and J White). What do you guys think about Lamar and Kerryon for Alvin Kamara (and his choice of Garoppolo/Trubisky)?

You would be losing too much giving Kerryon+Lamar giving that is a PPR format, you essentially would be in the same spot in your RB1 without any reliable RB2s and giving Lamar too.