Trade Lamar Miller and J.J. nelson for Jarvis Landry? 1PpR

3WR, 2RB, 1Flex

This would be my starting line up

WR- Michael thomas, kenan ALLEN, Diggs and Landry with trade

RB. are Freeman, Doug Martin, tevin coleman, duke johnson…and I would pick up chris Thompson off waivers.

no, even if landry kills it. no. you have great wideouts and nelson is a boom kind of guy. great flex. your rb core needs the floor that miller provides. unless you worry that he will lose his job to foreman. pick up thompson anyway maybe drop duke? i just think your team looks clean. if you do make the trade atleast get another rb.

I wouldn’t either. Miller gives you a steady RB2 and Nelson will be up and down

Thanks guys!