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Trade Lamar Miller and James Conner for zeke?


What’s up everyone. Have a proposal and wanted some input. Offer is zeke for James Connor and Lamar Miller. I know Miller has had 2 great weeks now and Connor has been an amazing RB for everyone this year but Connor might sit if bell does return and Miller is usually a fluke. Thanks for the help.


Whoever gets Zeke wins in landslide fashion. Two less superiors never equal one superior. Always be the guy trading two lessers for one more.


Even if Conner splits work with Bell when he returns this is a massive win for you to get Zeke. Miller has had two good games and is a good sell high and Conner is running out of time as a solo workhorse. This is a great buy low on Zeke and with Cooper there teams have to at least respect the fact he is on the field which will help Zeke.


Go get zeke man


Much appreciated, took the the trade and got zeke.


I got zeke in this deal. I made the offer and he accepted. Appreciate the input.