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Trade Lamar Miller for Fitz?


Standard 12 team league. My other WRs are Jordy, Crowder, Jaron Brown, B Marshall. RBs as of now are Ajayi, J Howard, Lamar Miller, Gore. Clearly I need a WR2 ( I lost Arob and Crowder is almost droppable at this point). Is offering Lamar for Fitz to the owner that just lost Dalvin Cook seem fair?


On the surface it seems fair, but you are giving up a good player at a larger position of value. Miller is getting better in an offense that is electric right now, and while it might be risky to hold onto him right now if he has another big week his value would skyrocket. I would hold onto him at least another week. As always though if you need to manufacture a win and your team is struggling out of the gate things change.


Yeah I think on paper, miller has more value. Though it is largely team dependent and you’re not kidding about your need for wr.

Miller for fitz is fair, though I would prefer dez or diggs


Appreciate the advice. I am playing a weaker member of my league, so waiting a week is doable. I just worry that he goes back to week 1-3 Lamar and loses some value.


The same owner actually has Dez too, I’ll give him a shot first. Know him pretty well though, and don’t think he’ll split with him. Thanks!