Trade Landry for rookie 1.05

What u guys think of this trade -> J. Landry for 2019 1.05 rookie draft ?

And who would you take at 1.05 ?

It’s a 12 team, PPR, Dynasty league.

You have Landry and will be acquiring the 1.05 correct? Who else do you roster at the skill positions? When is your next pick beyond that 1.05?

Trade is fair if you think Landry becomes more of an after thought in a now crowded Browns arsenal. You are giving up a known commodity for an unknown so the value leans toward the Landry side especially with ppr which helps the landry value against majority of the rookies.

The 1.05 in dynasty given that jacobs/Harry/montgomery are gone then you would be looking at:

miles sanders
wide reciever of your choice (metcalf/hollywood/etc.)
kyler murry

If this is a 2 QB or super flex I would lean kyler murry if not then wide reciever you like the most.

My 2 starters are now K. Allen and Edelman my WR bench is A. Miller, John Brown and T. Williams.
My next pick ar 1.06 + 3.08

It’s a one QB league and i have Luck and Newton.

With my 1.05 and 1.06 -> i am hesitant on DK ? Campbell ? Mecole ? Deebo ? Marquise Brown… What do u think ?

By the way thanks very much for you help to all of u !!!

Just know you’re going to be waiting on rookie WRs to produce probably multiple years… Landry will be arguably the most productive #2 WR this year… if you’re trying to win this year, this isn’t a trade I’d consider unless I knew a RB that was going to get carries was there for the pick… which there clearly won’t be


Landry is such a wildcard for me… his catch rate fell to sub 60% for the first time in his career, and now he has OBJ arriving to eat into his touches. If you look at how the Brown’s season went, they became a much more balanced team down the stretch (when the team was winning) and Landry’s target numbers were an exercise in contrast.

If he can’t secure 8-10 targets per game (and I’m not 100% sold that he can in that offense any more) then his floor drops to the 60 rec/700 yard mark…

It’s 100% true that you’re planning for the future with a move, but I’m not sure Landry puts anyone over the hump in 2019 anyhow.

I agree with BratwurstNightmare on keeping Landry over these rookie wide outs especially since you carry the 1.06…as for the wide out not sure any one can tell you the right choice but based on your team setup and having huge PPR guys in Allen & Edelman, i would go for a rookie with more of a home run mentality like Metcalf or Mecole over ppr types like Campbell.

Is OBJ arriving to “eat into his touches” or to “pull coverage off him”

Landry isn’t fast enough to be a hands-down WR1, but he’s a hell of a route runner and extremely hard to shut down when you’re not throwing brackets and double coverage on him… I’m not saying anybody’s riding the Landry wave to the championship, but he’ll be a better-than-his-ADP-would-suggest WR2 IMO

If Landry can replicate the numbers he had last year, in PPR formats then he’s worth a WR2 price tag (WR18 last year) but ANY regression and he’s break-even at best.

I’m not a Landry hater, just trying to see the otherside of the coin here.

Thank you very much for all your very precises and informative comments. I’ve decided to go with the 1.05… 'Cause i don’t have faith in that guy… And it’s beyond stats and projections… I will try to built a long term dynasty besides of a quick 2019 or 20 winner.

THX again All the FootClan rocks !!!

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