Trade lev bell for kerryon?

Currently sitting at 3-5 in my standard league. Been holding onto bell and my other rbs are: sony, bell, murray, ekeler, ito smith and jalen richard. Keep in mind id be trading him to one of the top teams who’s been killing our league so far whose rbs are gurley, mixon, connor and howard. Should i make this trade and get kerryon?

I’d say yes if you weren’t trading him to the top team…

So now I say No.

If you can force him to give up kerryon + for bell then sure do it… But make sure he has to give up a starting piece… You don’t want to hand him bell and he blows up for the playoffs.

Yes, For sure! You may be handing him a grenade and you need an RB2 right now. Try to upgrade a WR while you’re at it though. Det has a tough run schedule coming up, chicago twice with panthers in between - so try to get an upgrade somewhere else. Even if Bell comes back, (probably splitting time) it’ll be too late for you to make the playoffs.

his wrs are watkins, corey davis and diggs. tried to get diggs from him but he wouldnt budge so idk if i can get anything more for bell