Trade: Lev Bell for Mixon and Hopkins?

Would you trade Lev Bell for Mixon and Hopkins, half ppr. I’ve got Carson then it’s kinda bleak, Carlos Hyde and Duke Johnson. Team is overall solid.

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Who are your WR? because if you are solid you don’t need to make this trade. But if you really need an upgrade on WR then do it! I’m trying to get Bell on my league but I’m just offering Evans and Royce freeman. I have Hopkins and i think Hopkins is much more valuable

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Please answer my posted question :slightly_smiling_face:

Julio, Diggs, Kupp and then Mike Williams. I also have Josh Gordon I just traded for, but with the Sanu trade unsure if I can rely on him being anything.

This is double flex btw

I wouldn’t trade then you have Three good WRs! and two solid RBs. I Know i said Hopkins is more valuable to me but with your WRs you don’t really need him lol

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Instead pick Keke Stills he might he get big numbers for the Texans

Yeah I tend to agree, seems like its more making a trade to make a trade rather than really making my team better. thanks!