Trade Lev Bell for Zeke Elliot in .5ppr keeper league?

Should I trade Lev Bell for Zeke in .5ppr keeper league? Keeping the player takes me first round draft pick (every year). You get 2 keepers max per team.

No cause Bell is my 1.01 in any format. I guess if you consider that Zeke is younger so you’ll keep him for longer, that could be worth it. But for me, I’m keeping Bell.

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Yeah I like bell better this year, but not he has the uncertainty of 2019 and zeke is 2 or 3 years younger. Not sure if the future outweighs just this year.

any hit after this year? or can you just keep on keeping them for a 1st? cause if so, im doin it. i have way more faith in after this year for zeke than i do bell. bell has the carries, the unsure team, and an extra 4 years on zeke. and its not like zeke cant outscore bell. in fact (in the scoring i just looked up) his rookie year he did outscore him, and without his 6 game suspention was on pace to outscore bell again in PPR formats. he was only out paced by gurley last year. so yeah thats a pretty easy hell yes for me.

Thanks for the reply, I updated the post yes each year it costs a first.

Yes, I would do that in a heartbeat.

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Think Bell is better this year, but not by a large margin. No way of knowing where he ends up next year, could be a downgrade from Pittsburg. Also, you likely will have several more productive years with Zeke. Personally, I would take Zeke.

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Check the last two year averages for both players per game based on your scoring settings. I believe Zeke averages more points per game played of the 2. And that should answer your Question. SBK out

I would make that trade. While I am not a super fan of either, but I feel the long term outlook for DAL offense is a bit more stable than PIT and points-wise they have been close with a slight edge to Zeke (taking projection into account).

Just as a side note, is anyone a little concerned that Haley left PIT? I know the new guy has a similar background to what they have been doing, but it is still a new person in place. This is not doom/gloom, just wondering if anyone sees this as a factor in looking at PIT offense.

Haley is one of the most overrated OC ever. He had undoubtedly the most talented offensive roster of any team in the NFL for basically half a decade and consistently under performed. I for one am very happy to see that he is gone. His goal line / redzone packages and play calling were particularly trash.

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I would trade away Bell for Zeke. Zeke is several years younger and youth is huge in dynasty leagues and with the wear and tear already on Bell’s legs he’s just about run his course as the top RB in the NFL.

I can agree with that. I was not so much lamenting his loss as much wondering if the new guy would alter player usage much. Not that it would sink his value because you are going to use Lev Bell. But I wonder about how the offense might change, if at all.

Yeah I don’t see how it changes by much. If anything, I think it improves Bells value cause theres no way they use him less on the goal line. Last year bell was 6/6 for TDs when used on the goaline. Instead Haley chose to run all these moronic players on the goal line instead resulting in settling for field goals.

Leaving Pitt definitely decreases his value. He’s running behind one of the best lines in the league and has one of the best passing games in the league taking extra men out of the box. They’re also likely to run him into the ground yet again, and you can only take so many hits before you break. He has a lot of tread off his tires as it is.

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@MikeMeUpp That is an interesting take. It makes me wonder how much better they could be if the new OC even just plays it safe instead of getting cute. I have not watched much of the Steelers as I never had the players, but from an outside PoV it looked like they are good at scoring. Doing that with an OC as you described sounds like this year ought to be at the least more of the same. Thank you for the thoughts!

Agree with you there, definitely needs to stay in Pitt for maximum value. It takes time for an Oline to gel with his running style. and Stacked boxes is very against it as well.

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