Trade Leveon Bell + Josh Gordon for Keenan Allen?

Having trouble offering Lev to the Conner owner.

12 team PPR redraft. Is this trade offer fair??? Would you do this trade???

Lev and Josh Gordon for Keenan Allen and Crowder.

My team is:
Mixon Howard Duke Wilkins. And Lev.
Gordon Hogan Cole Godwin Sutton

nope, if lev bell comes back and gets the role he did last year you are giving him away for peanuts. josh gordon could have a keenan allen year (dont forget he missed all of camp) dont make that deal

But my team is not in good shape. And I have two RB1s. If Lev waits til week 10 would you do the deal?

I wouldn’t do this deal from your position. If I’m the other guy I’m hitting the accept button instantly.


You need the help at WR. Looking more like Bell is going to be out till week 10. Doesn’t reallymake sense for him to come back. Duke in a full ppr format is actually a pretty good RB3. Keenan is a PPR monster as we all know so his production is going to help you win weeks right now.

I wouldn’t do this trade as is though. Crowder is trash. Always has been, always will. Don’t get the obsession with him at all. Try and get a more useful piece back.

I agree with this, the biggest problem with the trade is Crowder. Keenan Allen is great and Bell could be out a while. If you can get someone better than crowder it might be doable.

Mike what would you do in a keeper then if Bell if your keeper? That’s the situation I’m in and I’m lost.

To the OP…
I love Allen, but Bell is so tough right now because you just don’t know what he will do, though I do think he stays out until week 10 as well. I would try to get Allen and another RB or what other WR does he have?

Edit: just saw his other WR. I like Williams a lot better than Crowder. I’m done with Cooper all together. Williams could be the guy there, but who knows after Jones comes back

Cooper, Mike Williams, Jamaal Williams, or Alfred Morris, instead of Crowder???


Also Pettis and Carson.

I probably wouldn’t consider any of those guys except Carson and I’m probably higher on Carson than I should be. I just think he’s legitimately better than Penny but definitely in the minority on that one. Can you give something less than josh gordon? Or is that something they’re adamant on?

I only have Hogan or then Cole/Godwin/Sutton

What do you think?

Take Cooper. I’ll take Cooper over Crowder all day every day. This is the lowest you will ever be able to buy him. I am a cooper believer and yes, he’s a tonne of risk, but his value will increase. In no world do I expect Cook to lead the team in targets. Cooper will have another bad game at Denver, that is unavoidable, but matchups after that are much juicier.

Also, I went back and watched the coaches film. Cooper beat the breaks off of talib on multiple routes, Carr just sucks and didn’t throw it. He was ranked 6th out of 68 receivers in yards after separation and he was clocked in at #2 in top game speed at 17.5MPH. The only guy in front of him? Tyreek hill. Normally, I don’t care about game speed at all, it means nothing to me. But the only reason why I bring it up is this. On the plays I say, Cooper beat the corners and if carr had thrown the ball, there were about 2 plays that would have been 50+ TD runs. Gruden actually came out yesterday and called it out. Said COoper was open on 2 big plays but “For some reason we didn’t get the ball to him” I.e. he put derek carr on blast. I’m expecting them to review the film and Gruden to make the right adjustments. Gruden’s offenses produce a WR1 basically every year. Cooper will be that. And if you don’t like him, wait for him to blow up and trade him for someone much better than crowder. The fact that Gruden came out and said it publicly gives me confidence. Coaches rarely call out their QB like that. I’m sure targets will go up for cooper.

@Fins777 I don’t think he changes much for keeper. I’m always playing to win now. So if you can make a trade for another elite player to help you win now, can do it. And you can keep that other player going into next year too. I’d just charge a bit more than I would in redraft.

I gotcha, I have CMC who I’m pumped to have as it’s PPR. I really want a top tier guy and right now I just don’t think that’s a realistic possibility which sucks. I wanted to trade him this year, but maybe this is good long term. There are some really good landing spots out there for a RB when he leaves next year. Philly could, GB could, Seattle, granted idk the cap situation with each place but there are some very juicy places that I think would equal Pitt or at least come close.

So are we saying that Josh Gordon and Lev for Allen and either Carson or Cooper??? What does everyone think???

Thanks again footclan.

@Fins777 @MikeMeUpp @Nicknj12 @hanson493

I still don’t think I would make that trade. You only win this if bell sits for 10 weeks. Allen is better than Gordon but Gordon does have the upside to be a WR1 so it’s not like that couldn’t fall out of favor for you. Then if Bell came back next week you’d have sold him for nothing and made your team considerably worse. You only win if he sits all 10 and there’s no guarantee. I think you should go for more from someone else.

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I wouldn’t include Gordon in that personally. I would do Lev for Allen and Cooper though

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Definitely no on Carson. He’s a replacement level player. At best, he’s in a time share with penny behind on of the worst rushing offenses in football. At worst, he’s a backup to Penny by mid season.

Maybe on cooper. Although I’d be willing to bet if you waited this week, Cooper will have another bad week. And you can then get even more.

I also have bell and I’m sweating about it too. I also have Hogan, Cole, and Sutton so I know why you’re worried. Hold off if you can. Give it a week or two more. Its still early in the season

Thanks everyone. I’ll hold off for a week or so.