Trade Le'Veon?

1-2 with terrible WR’s. Not sure at what point it’s time to cut bait on Le’Veon to salvage the season. 16 Tm half ppr Team:

RB: Lynch, Carson, Ingram, Le’Veon
WR: Agholor, Hogan, Callaway, Keelan Cole, Geronimo

Should I consider trading Le’Veon for Travis Kelce and Mike Williams? What other scenarios should I seek to move Le’Veon for?

If you can get that deal, it’s a no-brainer, but I probably wouldn’t go for it if I was the Kelce owner. I think you’d have better luck targeting someone like a Woods or Diggs on a 1 for 1 at this point.

The trade talk helps Bell’s stock, but not enough to get me to buy, yet.

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