Trade.. Lindsay for Aaron Jones

14 team Full PPR.

Should I accept a trade my Lindsay for their Aaron Jones?

I feel like Jones will have more ROS value… Am I wrong?

I would take the trade. Aaron Jones - this week - will separate himself from the heard and break the committee. Lindsay will never break the committee.

Simply put, he is the more talented back in the superior offense and stands to reason he will surpass Lindsay in volume.

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I would take that deal too. Jones is on the better offense and had some big games last season. We all saw what he is capable of. Tried trading for him myself. I have Freeman, so Lindsay has been pretty annoying so far, but I also don’t see him staying healthy. Smaller backs almost never stay healthy, Chris Thompson, Sproles, etc. Not that all of them get hurt, or that big backs don’t either, but smaller backs are more likely to get hurt in general. I always load up on bigger backs myself.

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