Trade lockett for?

Should I trade Lockett for miles sanders/CEH/ or Melvin Gordon? I got tyreek and ceedee and Tim Patrick on my bench. My running backs are Ekler/Singletary/Alex Collins /Jeff Wilson/Kenyan drake/dernest Johnson/chuba Hubbard and Chris Carson on the IR. I’m hurting for a second running back but with russel Wilson coming back I feel like Lockett can end the season hot.

Given the options you provided I would take Sanders and Clyde. Gordon can stay on fire but Javonte might get more work moving forward (and he probably deserves it).

You might have already done this, but I would try to see if they would take Tim Patrick plus one of those other RBs you listed, Collins, Wilson, Johnson, Or Drake for one of sanders or Clyde. You keep Lockett as your WR3 and get rid of depth for a RB2

I just offered Patrick and Collins. If he doesn’t go for it. You think I should just pass?

And thank you!

I would probably still trade Lockett for Sanders and Clyde.
Lockett is a week winner 1 out of 3 games, but a near week loser the other 2. He’s pretty much nitrous in your flex.
Sanders is coming back to a totally different offense that initially refused to run before he got hurt to the most run heavy team and on an easy schedule going forward.
Clyde is just a throw in that could maybe turn it around.

Side note: I despise Clyde so maybe others value him more. Ironically I traded him with Lockett when he got hurt for Moss and Julio. Oooof

Thank you! I appreciate the help!

P.s. I also despise clyde. Drafted him with last year and left a nasty taste in my mouth lol