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Trade Luck and Garcon for either Ajayi or Hyde?


I’m in a 1 point PPR league and am a bit thin on RB’s (Freeman, Riddick, Duke Johnson, and Kamara). I think I’m a bit stronger with WR’s (Cooper, Hill, Garcon, Marvin Jones, Shepard, Higgins, and Wallace). I am thinking about trying to trade for either Ajayi or Hyde on a team that seems stacked with RB’s, but light on WR’s. I was thinking about trying to trade Andrew Luck and Pierre Garcon to that team for either Ajayi or Hyde. I can currently replace Luck with Siemian off of free agency. Does trading Luck and Garcon for either Ajayi or Hyde sound good for both sides?


I don’t think Luck and Garcon are enough to get Ajayi. With how bad scoring has been so far this year, I think you’d have to give too much to get Ajayi unless they are really hurting bad for WR. See if they are even interested in Luck, but beyond that you may need to deal Cooper or Hill, and maybe Riddick or Kamara. You gotta probably look a little bit at draft value this early in the season. You’re asking for their 1st pick for what is probably your 7th and 9th round or something like that, you know? That’s my take anyway, hope it helps!