Trade Lynch for Cook?

After this week is over, i’ll be 3-1 and the guy id be trading with will be 0-4

He has Dalvin Cook and wants to trade me Cook to get Lynch.

At first I was 100% on board with this, but as time moves on I am having my doubts.

I guess I am worried Cook will continue to not do much of anything, I already have Fournette and dont really want another injury prone RB. Ingram is also sitting on my bench.

Is a Lynch for Cook trade a good idea at this point?

Please tell me reasons not just yes/no thanks!

what other rb’s you got? just lynch fournette and ingram?

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Lynch, Ingram, Fournette, Yeldon, Jamaal Williams and Riddick

Hm I don’t think you should part with Lynch for Cook. Cook has shown us nothing while Lynch is a top RB in the league right now. I think Cook has his potential still there, but I think you sacrifice too much giving up Lynch with your relative lack of more than 3 real RB1 options.

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