Trade Lynch for Kamara? Full PPR

I like the NO offense much more than Oakland right now, and the schedule looks better too. Any thoughts on this??

I would. Lynch doesnt have much value and Kamara has incredible upside and is being used a lot. I actually have lynch myself and had kamara last week. I’m kicking myself for dropping him.

In full PPR absolutely, I have him in 1/2 PPR and I’m loving him. I’ve had him in my lineup for a couple weeks now and he’ll remain there until he proves he doesn’t belong. I also have Lynch and I’m trying to move him off my team for anything I can get.

I’ve been trying to trade him for about two weeks now…I submitted the trade and immediately got rejected though…guess I’ll keep searching for options

Same here. Theres just no way we can get anywhere close to the value we spend on him in the draft right now. If you trade him you need to aim low haha.

I ended up dropping him for Andre Ellington, but someone else dropped Tevin Coleman, so I’m praying that I get him on the next waiver run

Thanks for the help though, guys!