Trade - M. Evans for D. Watson

12 team Full PPR.

I am thinking about proposing the following trade:

I would receive:
M. Evans

I would give up:
D. Watson

Rest of my Lineup:
D. Brees
R. Fitzpatrick
A. Kamara
J. Connor
A. Ekeler
D. Lewis
J. White
D. Adams
A. Cooper
J. Brown
Q. Enunwa
J. Reed
E. Engram
J. Tucker
Philadelphia DEF

Should I make this trade or should I use Watson for a top tier RB for playoffs to replace Conner?


Evans makes your team a lot better IMHO

If you’re proposing this trade, I probably wouldn’t bother. It’s an insulting offer, imo. If it’s being proposed to you, I’d take it.

The only thing , he has only E. Manning as his quarterback with nothing on the bench.