Trade M.Gordon for J. Jones? Should I do it?

This is my roster

Starting line up for week 9

QB A.Smith vs Cowboys
WR Mike Evans vs Saints
WR Hopkins vs Colts
WR Funchess vs Falcons
RB A.Jones vs Lions
RB D. Freeman vs Panthers
TE S. Jenkins vs Bills
Flex Ingram vs Buccanners
K J. Elliot vs Broncos
DEF Rams vs Giants


WR Ted Ginn Jr. vs Buccaneers
M. Gordon bye week
S.Diggs bye week
TE Kroft vs Jax
Big Ben bye week

Should I take this trade?? Can I survive with Ingram,Freeman,Jones???

Rather ship Freeman myself for Julio and Flex Ginn this week… don’t know if this would be a popular opinion or not, I may be in a minority wanting to get rid of Freeman!? Some people really high on him but he’s not really been worth his cost this year

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