Trade: Mac Jones for what TE?

14 Team PPR

I punted TE and now I’m kinda wishing I invested a little better. I have Jarwin but was hoping to capitalize on something better by trading Mac Jones. But who?

There is a Patriots owner in our league who has Goedert. Does that seem about right?

What are your QB options?

I’m slightly afraid of Philly offense in general but Goedert should be better than Mac Jones. Also check if Parham is available; if/when Mike Williams gets hurt he can be a big body target for Herbert

Lamar Jackson and Trey Lance are my QB options. I just picked up Mac Jones yesterday immediately after hearing the news of Cam.

And yes, Parham is available.

Swapping Jarwin for Goedert seems like a lateral move anyway–both are half of a “TE by Committee” squad.

Just pickup a top 10 TE from the waiver wire and keep Mac Jones in case Lamar gets hurt, because Lance won’t be starting any time soon (like, this year) anyway.

You could maybe try to trade Lance while he has some name value to the chimps, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on getting back anything better than Jarwin.