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Trade Mahomes for Cam?


Trying to plan for playoffs, should be the #2 seed, but Mahomes playoff schedule is crazy. The Cam owner said he would be willing.


This is tough. I would have a tough time living with myself if I lost cause I traded away Mahomes. But I will probably be rankings Cam higher than Mahomes most weeks in the playoffs and Mahomes still has his bye, so logically you probably should do this trade.


As a Cam owner who is locked for the playoffs, I would not trade away Cam for Mahomes. However since you’re the Mahomes owner, if you’re probably gonna make the playoffs, Cam’s schedule is pretty damn appealing and I’d probably pursue it


I’d stick with mahomes. That kind of consistency is hard to find and he doesn’t really have any home/away splits which is pretty valuable as a QB. Cam’s home/away splits are pretty evident and even though he went up against a steelers D who is pretty overrated right now and worse than it seems, he wasn’t able to do too much.