Trade Mahomes for Rodgers and Montgomery

Hi all!

I just got offered Aaron Rodgers for Mahomes and Montgomery. Would you accept this trade?
I’m thinking if Mahomes is out four weeks, then with the bye he will be out 5 weeks. There are 5 bench spots in this league, and so that’s a lot of weeks to hog the bench. Maybe I’m being too pessimistic on his return timeline…
The team that’s offering is obviously trying to sell Aaron Rodgers high, and playing to my belief in Montgomery’s potential (he snaked Mopportunity from me on draft day). My other RBs are Kamara, Carson and Breida, so I’m not getting an upgrade there. The only services to me are getting a startable QB and not having a bench spot hogged up…

I need someone to talk me out of accepting this trade.

Thanks :sweat_smile:

6-point passing TD, PPR, 10-team, current rank is 6th with 3-4 record

Do you have an IR spot that you can place him in while he’s out?

The 6pt passing TDs are juicy and Rodgers should be a top 12 QB ROS - but you could also stream QBs and get strong performances until Mahomes is back.

Disclaimer: I dropped Aaron Rodgers for Dak in Week 2 - and have no regrets.

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Thanks for the feedback! That’s good perspective. I’m not so sure the return/difference is that big between Rodgers and a streaming QB. To answer your Q, there is no IR spot :pensive:

I’d personally keep Mahomes and stream Qb’s week to week. There are usually decent streamers depending on the amount of people in your league. 10 or 12 team? I’m in a 10 with Mahomes and I was able to stream Josh Allen last week and Matthew Stafford this week.
Montgomery is surprisingly in a committee. Mahomes when healthy is matchup proof, though he does play New England in the fantasy playoff schedule. Just something to think about.

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