Trade Mahomes?

One of the other owners in my dynasty league wants Mahomes. He’s offered three trades, and refused my counter, which would have given him Rivers. Today, he asked what it would take for me to trade him Mahomes. I also have Wentz.

I don’t want to trade Pat. Between him and Wentz I’m set at QB for a decade, barring injury or unforeseen issues. But…what should I pull the trigger on? Multiple 1sts and a QB1? Trubisky, Hilton, and multiple picks? What’s too much, what’s not enough?

Still only my second season in dynasty, and I still have holes at WR and overall depth.

Is this a 1QB league? If so, are there QBs available on your waiver wire? I’m gonna refrain from giving advice until I know these things haha.

Dynasty leagues don’t have waiver wire QBs.

At the end of the day, you have Wentz. I don’t think you need 2 franchise QBs who are both basically every week starters. If you can trade Mahomes for skilled positions players or draft picks, I would almost certainly do that. Unlikely you will get multiple 1sts for mahomes in a single QB league and another QB1. That’s just silly. Trubisky, Hilton and Multiple picks are also probably too much. If someone offered me trubisky + Hilton and maybe a 1st, I would take that pretty quick. Even that would be an overpay tbh. Mahomes is dope but end of the day, he’s just a QB. In single QB leagues, it just isn’t worth it to give up so much draft capital and skilled position guys.

If you think about where Rodgers was valued in startups this season, he was like a 4th round pick. Mahomes would be around that type of value.

Thanks guys. Wasn’t sure what fair value should be, still a bit novice. And yes, 1qb. Best guys on waivers are Tannehill (32) and Osweiler (35).