Trade Mark Andrews for Tevin Coleman

12 Team 0.5 PPR start 3 WR, 2 FLEX

Tevin Coleman owner is looking for a TE (and said he’ll part with Coleman). Do you think I should offer Mark Andrews for Coleman (I also have Ertz)? I think that Andrews is more valuable in a vacuum but Coleman will help me through my bye weeks more and just make me feel a bit safer at RB. Thanks in advance.

QB: Goff

My WR: Hill, Golladay, Juju, Edelman… (Metcalf, R. Anderson)

My RB: D. Johnson, C. Carson, R. Freeman…(A. Peterson)

TE: Ertz, Andrews

DEF: Pats

Any other RB’s out there. Drake, the stars are in perfect position this week for him. It will not get any better. Jones, might be ok for 10-13 points for the Bucs.

Unless you are desperate on your knees I would not do it. Andrews should heal up. It’s a nagging thing that needs time. He should return. Ertz also has a history of getting hurt late in the season.

If you have to do it though go for it. Andrews won’t do anybody any favors for a week or two.

So Im in the same spot need a rb have ertz and andrews but i think your looking a little under valued on that trade. I alway feel TE should be valued a little higher since there is only like 5-8 worth while ones for anyone. Im trying to pair one up with a wr for a higher end rb though. Just my thoughts

Thanks for input guys. Think I’ll stand pat for now. I’m not desperate by any means unless D. Johnson or Carson go down.