Trade Mark Andrews

12 team league, std scoring

Would you try to trade for mark andrews?

My other TE is Ertz

Trade: Noah Fant
Terry Mclaurin or mike davis or zack moss

Is this a 2TE league? Or do you plan on starting a TE in the flex? Because already having Fant behind Ertz you should be set at the position, there’s no need to sacrifice a WR depth piece like Mclaurin when Andrews and Ertz are pretty comparable TE’s, especially with Phillys offense being depleted.

Fant is my depth TE, I’ve been playing Ertz every week but Wentz sucks. I guess you can say I was looking to possibly trade for a TE in a better qb situation. Honestly I wouldn’t try to trade fant either but his qb sitution sucks too once Lock got hurt. What you think? You think Wentz can turn it around, it does help Goedert is hurt and out for a few weeks.

My other Wr’s are: Ridley, Golladay, Jefferson

Andrews hasn’t been playing well either though, in large part due to Lamar regressing (at least through the first 3 weeks now). It’s really a lateral move right now and i still think there isn’t a need to get a new TE when you already have 2 of the “projected” top 10 guys. If anything you might be able to swap Ertz for Andrews 1-1 and keep Fant as your backup, Denver will likely look to the TE as a safety net with all the QB woes there having early on. Fortunately Lock will come back in a few weeks and get things back on track.

Thanks for the feedback, I think I will stay put and hope Wentz can get back on track, honestly I’d hate to lose Fant thinking about it now.