Trade: Mark Ingram/Tyreek Hill for Jordan howard/Robert Woods

PPR league, my other RBs are Zeke Chris Thompson James white and Carlos Hyde, other receivers are Thielen, Landry, Lockett, keelan cole and John Ross. I’d be giving up Ingram and hill for Howard and Woods, what do you guys think!?

I think I’d role with Zeke + whatever RB based on matchup, & Thielen Landry Hill for 4 weeks while you wait for Ingram.

I am just going to assume this is a 10 team league… so if you have 4 really tough matchups where you could go 0-4 or 1-3 then it may be worth trading.

The way I see it I’d rather have Ingram/ Hill come playoff time, but you do have to get there first

It’s a 12 team league, the matchups I have aren’t terrible I have a really tough one this week but the other theee are decent. I’m just worried about my 2nd rb position most of the teams in my league have two pretty solid RBs