Trade Marlon Mack for Josh Jacobs opinions?

Got offered Josh Jacobs for Marlon Mack yesterday and I’m a bit torn. What side would you all pick?

12 team PPR dynasty

If I had Mack I’d hold I think. You know he’s the main rb on a strong offense. Jacobs probably becomes the better rb in time but I think Raiders will still struggle a lot. If you’re a contender I’d keep mack, rebuild go Jacobs.

As much as I love Mack, in PPR I just don’t see him getting much passing down work with Hines and Campbell. Jacobs has a higher ceiling for me

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I’m taking the known in Mack here if it’s me.

After watching how Mack performed in post season last year, and his avg of 75 yards/gm in 2018, I’m pretty confident Mack will greatly outperform Jacobs. No that JJ is a slouch, he’s unproven at the pro level, whereas Mack is proven.

Mack for me ! Mack have proven last year how good he is… I ll be 100% more comfortable to go with someone i know is a starter then a rookie who has to start from scratch…

JJ is good but he’s not Sequon, and will not finish as the rb no1 this year. Probably btwn the 15 and 25 range. Mack will finish in the top 10 and he’s a young dude also.