Trade Matt Ryan for Big Ben for his playoff Schedule?

I have been rolling with Matty Ice most of the season and it has been working out well. I’m sitting at 8-2, looking ahead to playoffs, and have been trying to strategize what moves I can make to field the best possible line up for weeks 15 and 16 especially since there’s a good chance I will have a bye in the first playoff round. In week 15 and 16 the Falcons have the (vs)Cardinals and (@)Panthers, and the Steelers have the (vs)Patriots and the (@)Saints - I would give the huge advantage to the Steelers schedule over the Falcons for the QB match up.

The Big Ben owner in my league is sitting at 3-7 and not likely to make playoffs so there’s a chance I can make the 1-for-1 trade, Matty Ice for Big Ben…should I do it???

What to you think FootClan?

Trading with a team clearly out of playoff contention is usually frowned upon but you gotta know how your league feels on it. If it’s not a big deal then I say go for it.

It’s a keeper league and the winner of the “consolation” side gets the 1st pick in next year’s draft so everyone kind of gets to play until the end. There’s also a chance I would trade him a draft pick upgrade…so it wouldn’t be just a top team poaching players from a team who’s out of playoff contention.

Oh, if it’s a keeper then I don’t see how there could be anything wrong there.