Trade Matt Ryan for

Rival has Roethlisberger and Brees and wants Matt Ryan from me.
Who should I try to get? What’s fair market value for Ryan? We are full-PPR.
Here’s his team:
Julio Jones
Tyrell Williams
T Cohen
L Fitzgerald
P Lindsay
T Montgomery
AJ Green

Brieda and AJ Green/Edelman

depends on what you need but i’d squeeze him for a lot…they are going to be desperate

Ask high. I’d probably start with Julio and make him counter lower. They most likely don’t have many other options.

You won’t get what you think you will if they know what they are doing. Two of those top guys for Ryan is insane given how many top performances you can stream at QB. All of the retirements/injuries are going to make things a little more shallow but Brees is coming back.

I’d offer one on one for a top guy and then let him come down. Breida would be solid if you need an RB.