Trade Mattison or Hubbard while popular?

QB: Rodgers, Tua
RB: Henry, Mixon, CEH, Carter, MATTISON, HUBBARD
WR: Lockett, Thielen, Golladay, Beckham, Chark , R. Moore

Rodgers and my WR3 have been bad this year…should i try to get value out of one of these handcuffs while i can or hold on and see if they get more ?

I’d hang on to Hubbard for now just because he’s likely to get the volume for the next couple of weeks, CEH is so unreliable right now and I think the same could be said for Carter, Hubbard has the chance to help notch a win or two while CMC is out. If you can get something for Mattison, go for it, the Dalvin Cook manager might be interested after having to play a week without their RB1.

This is when you sell CEH. Everyone wants to shop him around when he “poops in his big boy pants”. This is when you might get value. Kelce had somewhat of a down game and Hill has had two bad weeks. That is not going to continue.

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I was thinking of keeping CEH because he will be the starter for the rest of season while i may only get 1 or 2 weeks out of Mattison or Hubbard…