Trade Matty Ice?

So I’ve got Desean Watson and my RB1 and RB2 (Hunt and Gordon) have by weeks coming up in 9 and 10. Do I start Watson for the long haul and trade Ryan to see if I can get a decent RB to cover the bye weeks? My bench is Cohen (yuck) and there isn’t a lot on the waiver wire that I’d be confident starting the next two weeks.

I would certainly try to do that.

Yeah do that, I’m looking to do something similar because I have Watson and Wentz

Honestly I would drop Matty Ice. I don’t think you can get any RB for the 20 something ranked QB in Matt Ryan.

Most people want to trade an RB for an RB not an RB for a QB that’s been pretty average.

Maybe because I have Watson and Dak on my teams but I wouldn’t trade any RB I have for Matty Ice and I’m rostering some real stinkers like Fat Rob and Abdullah.

I feel like if I needed a QB I could find a streamer that’ll do just as good as Ryan.

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Put me in coach!

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