Trade Mccafferey for Tyreek Hill or Amari Cooper?

Wondering if I should make this trade. My other rbs are Ajayi CJ Anderson and Theo Riddick. Full PPR league

Any way you can make that CJ Anderson instead of mcaffery? lol

Ahhhh I tried! He doesn’t want him he only want Mccafferey

I just don’t know about your RBs rest of season if you get rid of Macaffery. Who are your WR also?

I know I feel the same that’s why I really don’t know if I should do it. My other receivers are Michael Thomas, Golden Tate, Sammy Watkins and Mohammed Sanu.

yeah I don’t know if you could afford to lose a starting rb which are more valuable.

True I agree. Ok I have one more question! My league has only two wr slots and a flex, so my current starting line up is Carson Wentz Michael Thomas Golden Tate Jay Ajayi Mccafferey Delanie Walker and Cj Anderson. My bench is Matt Ryan Sammy Watkins Mohammed Sanu and Theo Riddick. I guess I just want to know if that’s the starting lineup you put too or would you change something. It’s a big week for me I’m 3-5 right now a game back from playoffs and two games back from the division lead but this could be a make or break week.

that’s how I would do my line up. make sure you have a replacement for walker if he cant go tho. monitor his status throughout this week.

Hey Ryan, wondering if I should do this trade. Christian Mccafferey and golden Tate for Aj green and Jordan Howard