Trade McCaffrey for Michel and Cooper?

I am hesitant to acquire both for obvious reasons, one being injured and the other new team. Just seeing what everyone thought :slight_smile: .

I wouldn’t trade CMC for anything.

That is my thoughts too however I dont have much power on my bench for WRs; Coutee, Enunwa, and Sanu so maybe Cooper would help a bit. My line up Wentz, Boyd, Hill, McCaffrey, Lewis, Doyle, and torn between putting in Tarik or Jalen for Flex. Oh I am in a Full PPR league.

If you trade CMC you need to get a fringe or a WR1, not a WR like Amari Cooper. The cowboys offense is dying and Cooper is unreliable.

The friend that offered me this trade has Diggs on his bench, push for him? He wont give up Davante Adams or Michael Thomas.

What are you other Rb’s ? Because CMC has a great playoff schedule and he is a monster in PPr or half PPr. To trade CMC the offer has to be excellent.

Dont accept that trade! If you want to give away CMC, you need to either acquire Adams or Thomas not Cooper.

I am not gonna trade because he will not offer up any one other than Cooper. But my other rbs are Dion Lewis, Cohen, and Richard.

Yeah he wont give up either person so I am not biting and I’d lose massive points if I gave him up; have Dion, Cohen, and Richard.