Trade McCoy and Chark for Gurley?

PPR league. I am 3-1. Should I trade Shady and DJ Chark for Gurley?

The rest of my lineup is as follows:

QB: Mahomes
RB: Kamara
RB: Kerryon
WR: Godwin
WR: Ridley
TE: Waller
W/R/T: McCoy
DEF: Whoever
K: Wil Lutz
BN: McLaurin
BN: Chark
BN: Tyreek Hill
BN: Mecole Hardman
BN: Miles Sanders
BN: Royce Freeman

looking for help here if possible

If you can great. I don’t think you’ll get that trade accepted.

We chatted about a few options earlier (including McCoy and Ridley for Gurley (my initial offer) and also McCoy/Ridley/Chark for Alshon/Gurley. He asked for Kerryon and I declined). He told me to send McCoy/Chark for TG and he’d decide by the end of the night

I’d do that Trade and hope he accepts.