Trade McCoy For Conner? Am I crazy

I am tired of seeing all the James connor questions but I am going to jump in here and add my own.

I’m starting to believe bell will be out till week 10 now with more and more I here… So trying to acquire connor from the person who ownes him.

Who from my team would you trade for him?

QB- Cam
RB- Melvin, Cook, kerryon, Penny, Murray, Mccoy, Ingram(suspended), foreman(IR)
WR- Michael Thomas, M. Evans, Sammy Watkins, R. Anderson, C. meridth
TE- Burton

10 team 1/2 ppr keeper league.
1QB, 2RB,3WR,1TE, 1Flex

I’m kinda interested in sending mccoy his way if I could get a small WR piece (he has Baldwin, will Fuller and edelman he might be willing to trade)

Any help would be awesome

Before I make my response, keep this in mind. My response is ONLY if James connor stays the starter till week 6. I’m not sold yet he wont be benched week 2 for bell.

I would do McCoy for sure. Gets rid of the risk of McCoy, plus you might get something more with it like you said. Connor becomes your fill in until Ingram comes back, and you get another little piece to work with potentially.


If you have Bell, I’d do it. Given you don’t have Bell, I am not making this trade. You have McCoy as a flex play. Even with the risk of suspension, I’d rather have McCoy who is literally the only offensive weapon that team has than Conner.

Looking more and more like the suspension stuff isn’t going to hit until next season, as is typical of the NFL. No chance I’m giving up McCoy for Conner at this point to play the guessing game, especially when you don’t even own bell.

There’s still a chance bell just shows up Saturday and misses only 1 week. And in that scenario, you basically give up an RB2 with RB1 upside for nothing.

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Yeah if he plays till week 10 which I think might be the case I feel like he is worth the upside.

I don’t get it. How do you guys all view McCoy as a risk but not conner? It can’t be a one sided exchange. Risk for Conner is Bell could show up tomorrow and conner is worth literally nothing. Even if Bell doesn’t show up tomorrow, there is the risk of Bell showing up at any point or time to once again, render Conner useless.


There is a ton of risk in connor I am not denying that… I just feel like it’s more cut in dry with connor… I believe if bell doesn’t come back after week 1 he waits until week 10 to come back… So it’s either you get screwed and get connor for week 1 only or you get him for all 10 weeks… It just doesn’t make much Sence for bell to wait till a random week like week 5 to come back or something… He either comes back in the next couple days or he stays away all 10 IMO… But I’m no expert. So it’s just an opinion.

Now with McCoy I think the ceiling is way higher but also the bust is high as well… The bills could and should be awful this year… So the boom potential is everyone is wrong and the bills are somehow good and Mccoy is a top 10 RB… But the bust is the bills suck and so mccoy sees stacked boxes and sucks…

So I guess it just comes down to the it’s 50/50 right now that bell will be gone till week 10 or be back week 2… But it’s 70/30 that the bills will suck and so mccoy will prob stuggle… So I guess Im kinda likeing the better percentage of connors 50/50

but both are super risky no doubt.

can you wait until tomorrow and see if bell really does show up.

he is suppose to be in the building tomorrow

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@Windowlicker Yep… I think I’ll wait till Saturday night to send an offer

If someone offered me shady for James Conner I would take it in a second. Yes, this could be the year Shady falls off the cliff, but he was an RB1 again last year and may have the most guatanteed workload in the game. Conner may not even be the passing down back. Is there a scenario where Bell gets trade, Conner plays 16 games and is an RB1? Sure, but the more likely scenario is that shady finishes the season higher, and likely much higher.

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Do you guys know how this trade works? Lol. Obviously if Bell shows up, uncertainty is gone and there is no longer a trade to speak of. Only reason why trades like this involving bell can even be considered is because it’s a transfer of risk from those who aren’t willing to take it vs those who are.

just saying don’t be hasty. i would not ditch a 1000 yard player for bell’s backup in week 1 even if he also has risk. Age\suspension pending.

if this is dynasty and you wana sell high on shady i can maybe see that if your looking to lock up Pits back field for next year.

Thanks for all the opinions… I am prob just getting ahead of myself.

Ill just stay pat with shady and hope he does well this year instead of wanting the shiny new toy in connor.

Always appreciate all the good feed back I get on this site thanks guys.
@Windowlicker @MikeMeUpp @BusterD always enjoy your opinions on stuff weather I take the advice or not.

You did say this was a keeper league. Conner could be the man next year. That’s one more twist to add. There’s no way I see Bell back there next year. I didn’t see anyone mention that.

Still many variables even though he didn’t show today. Will Bell stay out to week 10? Yes, I think so. However, Steelers could start 1-2 or something, get desperate and decide to up the 1 year offer to Bell to be high enough he’ll return for the last 12-13 games. I like Conner quite a bit, but he’s a week-to-week proposition even if he plays well tomorrow.

Wish I would of traded mccoy for connor now… :disappointed_relieved:

But that’s fantasy… You just never know

Yeah definitely fantasy. If Bell shows up next week, they still going to start Bell.