Trade Mccoy, Luck, and Dak for Hilton, Jeffery, Brady?

.5 ppr

K. Allen
A. Robinson (Out)

D. Parker
T. Ginn
D. Martin
K. Stills
A. Hurns
S. Perine

For me, I would want to keep the mccoy side

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should I play andy Dalton or dak this week?

agreed with above, TY Hilton is unplayable until Luck comes back. This trade in my opinion is more like Mccoy for Ty Hilton and Jeffrey, the QBs will be more or less be even at the end of the year.

I would ride with your 3 RB1s and decent WRs, I am very high on Devnate Parker and think Ginn can be used in pinches.

I would not play Andy Dalton in a short week against a solid defense. I would look for a Bradford or Alex smith to play this week if you can.

I wouldn’t play Andy Dalton if he was the last QB on earth