Trade Mclaurin for AJ Brown and Antonio Gibson?

I have a solid wr core (Hopkins, tmac, diggs, Hollywood brown, tee Higgins) and lack a bit with RB depth (CEH, David Johnson, Bell, swift, James White). Is this trade worthwhile?

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BUMP help!

I would do this trade, if you’re able to weather the storm so to speak for a week or so I think AJ Brown gets back to where he left off last year, plus you get an RB who I feel will be a top 15 guy rest of season.

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I like it. I’d take the Gibson and Brown side.


Sounds like you could make the trade and it helps you more. I mean CEH is just not as great as we wish he was, and Swift is prob your top RB. I’d def do it to increase your RB depth. AJ Brown comes back and he’s back w/o Julio. REALLY depends if you think McLaurin is worth more w/ L. Thomas on IR versus AJ Brown and Gibson.