Trade McLaurin or Jefferson

Trade one away in my keeper league…
Jefferson would yield a better deal.
Yet it’s kinda hard to pass up on the skillset of Jefferson.
McLaurin is my favorite WR and could legit finish as a true alpha WR.
What do you think?

In a vacuum I’d rather trade mclaurin. Is there any kind of keeper pick penalty? Do you need to lose one?

I think you’ll get solid deals for both but if you need to lose one I’d prepare myself for offers of 75 cents to the dollar on both and if that’s the case I’d rather get 75% on mclaurin and keep Jefferson.

Yea it’s a keeper penalty. I have 4 keepers to choose from out A. Jones, Gibson, Dobbins, McLaurin, and Jefferson. But I really want 3 RBs going into the season with this weak RB class. WR is fairly deep. If I keep 4, then I start picking in the 5th round.