[Trade]Melvin Gordon for a 3rd rnd pick

League is a 12 team, .5 ppr, 1 keeper league (2 rb/2 wr).

I have a potential trade on hold to get Gordon for a 3rd rnd pick in next years draft. I have gurley as my #1 and lynch/forte in as my #2. Let me know what you think.

You lose a 3rd round pick?

I would, if so. He is worth higher than 3rd round for the next few years

Yes, I will probably get an extra last rnd pick to keep balance based on our leagues rules, but essentially the trade is for the 3rd rnd pick.

Thats a good deal. Do you keep as many players as you want? basically, are you keeping Gordon next year?

I get to keep 1 for next year. It would likely be gurley or gordon.

Gotcha. Well it will help you this year. If you are in a spot to make the playoffs, then I would go for it and give yourself a chance to win the league

That was kind of my thinking but wanted to bounce it off of someone. Plus the league gives a bonus to the weekly top scorer and that gives me a better chance at that too.