Trade Melvin Gordon for...?

Thinking of trading Melvin Gordon… for another top 1-10 running back I have McCaffrey and Conner, looking for best trade before playoffs. Any suggestion on who to go after?

I would honestly keep gordon. he’s such a stud and chargers are going to keep fighting through playoffs

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I agree with you I’m
Just thinking he was a stud because of the teams he played against early on. I was possibly even thinking maybe a top 5 WR for the play off schedule

My line up that I’ll be playing after week 12 is

Qb- mahomes
RB1- McCaffrey
RB2- conner
Wr 1- AB
Wr 2- Tyreek
TE- Doyle
W/RB flex- Melvin Gordon
Dst- patriots

Russel Wilson
Cowboys DST

I personally keep him. Your line up looks fantastic. I do see what you mean about maybe another receiver so just to recommend who to maybe get: Thielen, Michael Thomas even though he just had a disappointing game, maybe Hopkins.

As I type all of those names, I’m realizing that I rather have Gordon over them and I would even package those players with another piece to acquire Gordon.

I think you’re set, man.

Update us if you do move him. I’m so curious to know who you get if you move forward.

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Unless you can do some magic and flip Gordon and Landry for Gurley…

I’d rather trade McCaffrey because the Panthers play the saints twice during playoff weeks. Saints are very good against the run

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I’m talking tot he gurley owner right now and the guy in 2nd place keeps tryin to trade kelce and hunt for gurley…hasn’t stopped. I traded Brees believe it or not for Robert Woods, I dk what I was thinking :man_facepalming:. He’s now telling me he would have traded gurley for brees…

tell him to build you a time machine then!
I don’t believe that for a second.

@Marencophoto I appreciate you’re write up bro. Definitely put some things into perspective. After what the homie wrote about NO I’m think making a trade for WR with McCaffrey but shit man I like that I’m set but sometimes you gotta risk it to get the biscuit

Should he take that?

Take Hunt and Kelce for Gurley? He probably won’t because that gets annoying. Dude, if I had Gurley you would have to trade me your first born child and maybe Tyreek. If I was that owner I would take Gordon and Tyreek from your squad. I don’t know what your relationship is and maybe you could sell him on Gordon and some of the lesser pieces.

I like what @ michael05 about trading CMC…if necessary. I like your squad and I still wouldn’t make any moves except for what I’ve mentioned above.

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@MikeMeUpp what do you think man? Do you like the acquisition of Michael Thomas for McCaffrey?

That’s if he wants to lose Michael Thomas. I have a good feeling about DJ Moore ROS.

I’m so
Glad I stayed with my original guys.
Left as is. @Marencophoto

My man! CMC looking so good.
Keep it going, get that title!

Although, I own Landry as well- what are you planning on doing with him? I’m debating dropping him but I don’t want to. David Moore is still out there and Diggs, Boyd, David Moore and Sutton almost sound better.

Diggs is a good play but listening to footballers Sutton seems to have great match ups coming up. Landry has been disappointing, I drafted him dropped him and traded for him. I might rock out with him on bench just in case he goes off

This didn’t age well… :frowning:

I know man, traded woods for Landry, I’m nit going to cut him yet