Trade: Melvin Gordon for

I’ve got Gordon. MG won me the prior 2 weeks with his MONSTER performances. I"m thinking of trading him, even with the low Denver-game value. I’m thinking of offering him and some stiff WR for Lamar Miller and Julio Jones. Am I asking for too much? My feeling is that Miller is a 10 point PPR guy, and Jones is 10-14 points a week with a 24 point upside. I’m not a big Julio fan, I think he’s injury prone and not as explosive as OBJ, which is why I think this trade is fair…

I honestly wouldn’t want to get rid of Melvin Gordon. He is getting a ton of carries and catching balls out of the backfield. He’s a true three down back. ATL’s offense, there’s something wrong, so I don’t want Julio for that reason, in addition to his injury concerns. And Houston has a passing game that is lighting it up, of course they’ll balance out with the run game but I don’t see the upside with Lamar.
The real question is what are you looking to gain from the trade? From what you’ve shared here, I dont like the trade.


I moved MG & Alshon for Julio & Hyde last week. Got value for this week, but it makes me uneasy season long. Melvin will have up and down games, but the up games are usually week winners.

I mean Gordons high and low games directly correlate to his touch totals… when he gets the Lion’s share hes a freak… when hes splitting work hes mediocre at best… a massive chunk of Gordon’s value comes from his work in the passing game… this past week he lost his passing downs to Eckler for some unknown reason… week 1 vs denver he was in on passing downs and came away with like 17 points… idk if he was banged up or if he was limited in snaps due to underperforming… but its something to keep an eye on… like if this coming week get gets like 17 points but has 2 TDs and is splitting reps then Id consier looking to sell for someone like a Hunt whos sure to have a limited week in Denver… Hunt is probably already a buy low considering his fantasy numbers look pedestrian even though in real life hes still dominated every single week this year (TDs make fantasy totally random and near impossible to predict). All that being said i dont like Julio and his asking price is far higher than his actual value due to name value… there are even better options out there you could get cheaper.

I’m thinking of offering Gordon in exchange for Ingram and Chris Hogan. My top 2 receivers are Fitz and Davante Adams, who’ve each lost some value ROS without QBs. My other RBs are Lynch (who’s the reason I’m 3-4), Gore, and Dion Lewis. I’ve got trade interest for either Adams or Adam Thielen for Joe Mixon. I’m hoping to come out of these 2 trades with Ingram, Hogan, and Mixon at the expense of Gordon and 1 of Adams/Thielen.