Trade Melvin Gordon now?

I have Melvin Gordon in a 12-team, PPR, superflex, TE premium dynasty league. I don’t think I will be very likely to contend this year, but it’s the first year of the league so I held onto Melvin just in case I have a chance. There still probably is a chance, but relatively low. After Melvin’s big week should I trade him now? Or wait a couple weeks since he has favorable matchups the next 2 weeks? With Javonte getting similar volume to Melvin, that makes me nervous that Javonte could take over sooner than later, but how much would I be missing if I trade Melvin now versus in a week or two if he has great games against a great matchup? Thanks!

Yes, trade him for Patrick Mahomes, Derrick Henry, and CeeDee Lamb.

Or maybe just Mahomes and Lamb, if he’s scared of Henry’s bad first week.

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@AxeElf you really think I could get one of them for Melvin Gordon in a dynasty league?

No. But you never know if you don’t axe.