Trade Melvin Gordon

I was offered Beckham or Hopkins for Grodon. Half PPR. Would you take it? My other RB1 is Gurley because of keepers and my receivers are hilton, Thomas and Garcon.


If you have another solid RB on the bench I say do it!

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Yea depends on RB depth.

I agree with the above that this is dependent on RB depth. Hilton/Thomas, assuming Demaryius, is definitely a solid starting WR 1 & 2 to go with Gurley/Gordon.

I value RBs a bit over WRs so this deal would be tough for me to take unless I had an RB2 worthy player on the bench I could slide in for Gordon.

Hyde, Cohen and Jalen Richard are my current bench running backs. Does that change your thought?

It makes me think about it a little bit more, but I still lean towards no. Assuming you start 2 RB, 2 WR and a flex this moves your weekly starter question from your flex to your RB2 slot.

Instead of going with a combo of Gurley, Gordon, Hilton, Thomas each week in the RB/WR slots with a selection between your RBs and WRs for your flex. You will now be looking at one of those new shiny WRs with Hilton and Thomas likely in the WR2 and flex positions. That leaves you with having to decide on a RB each week, giving you less options to play on the wire.

I feel like startable WRs are much easier to come by on the waivers than startable RBs. I also prefer RBs in my flex when possible. If you value your WRs higher this is definitely a fair value trade.