TRADE: Michael Thomas for DJ and Corey Davis?!

Hey guys

Hey guys in a 10 ten full ppr…as it stands my team is

QB: Tom brady
RB: Alex Collins
RB: Dion Lewis
WR: Michael Thomas
TE: Jimmy Graham
Flex: Kennan Allen

Bench: Mark ingram, sony michel, sammy watkins

What do you think?

not unless you think DJ can turn it around. I’m a DJ owner and i’m stuck, i won’t get what he could be worth, and i can’t afford to sell that low after 2 weeks when i’m 2-0.

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Do you think it would help my team tho, ans is the value there

IMO no. You have a locked and loaded #1 WR. You’re getting Ingram back in about the same time DJ might turn it around. It’s not worth it at the moment. If they announce Bradford is benched then it would be but still MT is getting like the same points DJ would get if DJ was performing.