Trade MIchael Thomas for

Trade Michael Thomas & Nelson Agholor
Adam Thielen and Robert Woods?

.5 ppr

Wide receiver roster is
MT , amari cooper, coutee, agholor, Cole

I like it. Thomas and Thielen have very secure roles, so I feel like Agholor for Woods is an upgrade for your 2nd wideout

Updating …,

That’s a good trade. Thielen + Woods gives you 2 starting WR1s. And given how thielen is playing/being used, the gap between him and MT doesn’t appear to be that big.

Not a huge fan of Agholor at all. Starting him always makes me sick cause you never know if he breaks one for 50 or goes 5 catches for 30 yards.

He returned with this offer.

Thomas and lynch for Thielen and woods and an idp DB Buddha Baker. - a solid idp dude

Unfortunately i have zero experience in playing IDP so not even going to sit here and pretend like I can provide advice on that.

What I do know is I have never been high on Lynch and think people should have been selling on him since like week 2 or whenever he had his good games. He’s now shown multiple times he can easily get scripted out of the game cause of how bad Derek Carr and that defense are. So even if it was MT + Lynch for Thielen and Woods alone, I would take that trade.

So if Baker is good as you say, then I would still take that trade. From what limited info I do know is that for IDP, you typically want players who are closer to the LOS. I.e. pass rushers, LBs etc. DBs are not as valuable cause they don’t really get as many chances to make a play on the ball. Although I do love Baker the player coming out of college. Happy to see he’s translating into the NFL.