Trade Michel for Jeffery? full point PPR

im 2-1 in 10 team 2 qb PPR league, i was offered jeffery for michel
my rbs are David Johnson, Hunt, Lynch, Gio, Lewis, Michel, and Kerryon
my wrs are Michael T, Kupp, R Woods, Enunwa, and Ridley

I also have the reverse situation in my yahoo 12 team ppr league, 0-3 and need help everywhere.
PLEASE HELP! thanks!

anyone? bueller?

hold onto Michel, u have more than enough WR depth and can always fins some on waivers keep Michel

I don’t think it’s a simple do it or don’t do it. Both are question marks, Jeffery coming off injury and Michel getting an increased role coming. You could afford to gamble since you’ve got good RB depth, but I’m waiting to see what I have in Michel before making this trade. It’s not like Jeffery is going to help you this week anyway & I’m sure this same trade will be on the table next week if Michel busts this week (and on the flipside you’ll probably get a better WR offer if Michel hits this week).