Trade Mike Evans and Buck Allen for Branden Cooks?

So I’ve got Mike Evans and Buck Allen. I’ve currently got a trade on the docket to receive Branden Cooks for the two of them.

My receiving corps currently consists of:

  1. Mike Evans
  2. Golden Tate
  3. Sterling Sheperd
  4. Robert Woods
  5. JuJu Smith-Schuster
  6. Will Fuller V

Given Mike Evans inconsistency, the team’s lackluster performance, the questions surrounding their quarterback position, and his playoff schedule (Det, Alt, Car) I think that it is a good trade.

I also planned to drop Buck Allen for Danny Woodhead anyway so IDGAF if I lose him or not. I’d rather use him to sweeten a deal than dropping him.


I’m also 5-4 and I think I can cruise through the next 3 weeks without evans

That’s crazy man, I have Evans as well and I’m seriously considering trading him for an RB2 right now. I have hunt and a bunch of aging RBS/their handcuffs, bottom end RB2s/flexes. I have green and allen but I desperately need a SOLID RB2. I’D actually do that trade considering Brady is running out of WRs to throw to on a bi weekly basis. On the flip side, Evans is a TARGET MACHINE, IDGAF who is throwing him the ball lol

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I just traded away Doug Martin for the Ravens D/ST and all I’ve got left for RBs is Melvin Gordon and James White. Not ideal. I’m planning on grabbing Woodhead off of waivers and Darkwa if he’s still available

This is me

Damn, these last few weeks with byes and SSPDs have not been kind to you. Good luck brotha

yea i just traded evans as well for ingram and diggs and i am dropping one of my RB’s for woodhead as well.

help with mine please

I’m In 4th place n 4 other people are 5-4 as well.!