Trade: Mike Evans & Duke Johnson for Le'veon Bell

Should I trade Mike Evans & Duke Johnson for Le’veon Bell?

I have currently for RB & WR:

Elliot, Duke Johnson, Forte, & Jon Stewart (got waiver for Rob Kelley)

Mike Evans, Michael Thomas, Keenan Allen, Josh Doctson, & Jordan Matthews.

Should I propose this trade if it will make my team better, or offer someone else for Bell?

Any input will be much appreciated.

Whoever owns bell isn’t going to accept that trade

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As a Bell owner I would not except any trade for Bell. But if I was a non-Bell owner I would go after him. As far as this trade offer, I think it makes your team better. You can definitely run with Bell, Elliot, Thomas, Allen and any of the others as a flex.

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I think your team might have a little more balance as-is. But if you’re betting on Thomas rebounding, and Doctson being an up and come to the degree that you think these guys can adequately replace Evans, then I think the trade is somewhat balanced in overall value. I doubt the Bell owner will take it, not because it’s not an even deal, but because I would need a deal that was over-the-moon amazing to get rid of Bell. Why trade a sure-fire boom boom player unless you’re confident youre winning the trade.

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I get what you guys mean, but he needs a WR,

He has

Maclin, Fuller, Crowder, & Tate who is injured.

looking for someone who can win games for him.

But the thing is even if he needs a position player by removing one of if not his best player won’t help. Especially how it seems that WR’s are hit and miss this year.

Bell carries the ball at least 25 times and catches at least 6 a game. That’s a ton to remove from a roster even if he needs WR help.

Just my opinion.

Doesn’t hurt to try.

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Yeah, sure why not try. You’d be winning that trade, which is why I doubt he’ll take it.

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I doubt I am getting him now. I think he was also offered Antonio Brown.

So it seems he is interested in the trade. It might happen. Cross fingers.

Hope it goes through

Holy cow. These leagues actually exist?

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LOL. Let’s hope. :sunglasses: